who we are

Why We Exist

Regular expert Health, Safety & Environment Consulting involves specially trained consultants who solve specific business HSE problems. In their consulting activities, they draw primarily on standardised knowledge and their own skills in interpreting the data available. They mostly use only the function-specific, ‘rational’ view.


But, over the years of experience that our team gained working with organisations in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), we could clearly see some patterns in the way organisations function, evolve and excel and these patterns are largely created, strengthened and propelled in repetitive cycles by the people involved.

Our experience clearly demonstrated to us what has been theoretically shown via “Dynamics of Change Process” (f. 1.1) – that people and people processes are the key drivers of change, with an exponential impact on both quantity and quality of change.

D α {T} {P}n

(f. 1.1)


  • T = Technology, Training, Techniques, formaTs, Tools;
  • P = People (Competencies, Capabilities, Commitment, Involvement) and People Processes (Leadership, Execution, Teamwork) and
  • n > 2


Our ‘WHY’ is answered through these observed patterns and our key differentiation from other firms in this sector involves the unique ability of combining HSE and OD to identify and transform these patterns. It gives birth to the field of Systemic Organizational Development (OD) consulting, which aims to initiate, guide and support long-term sustainable processes of learning and renewal. Our end goal is to make the ‘systems’ (organisations) better able to survive, prosper and increase their efficiency on their own.